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Homemade Apple Cider

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Brewing Apple Cider ©

While Team Hungry Native has dabbled with brewing beer before, we’ve never attempted to make our own hard cider.  After doing a bit of research, and finding out how simple the process was, we kept telling each other that we had to give it a shot one of these days.  This idea sat on the back burner...

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Pork Ribs and Whisky Stones

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Pork Pig Ribs Peanut Butter Spare Ribs

This Patriot’s Day, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and fire up the grill, because what’s more patriotic than some barbecued ribs?  We went with a rack of spare ribs as well as a few racks of baby back ribs. Peanut butter isn’t what usually springs to mind when someone says, “ribs”,...

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Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Wild Hibiscus Flowers Syrup

Hungry Native headquarters recently received a package compliments of the Wild Hibiscus Flower Company in Australia, a jar of their whole hibiscus flowers in syrup.  We’ve seen plain hibiscus flowers used as a garnish in salads, and the dried flowers are often used to make herbal teas, like Celestial Seasonings’ Red Zinger or South America’s...

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Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Molecule-R Molecular Gastronomy Kit

“Molecular Gastronomy” is a fairly recent term, coined in 1988 by NICHOLAS KURTI, an Oxford chemist, and the French INRA chemist, HERVE THIS.  Although it was originally applied to studying the science behind cooking, it is now commonly used to describe certain cooking techniques and sometimes an entire style of cuisine.  This is, of course,...

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Café Du Monde

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog New Orleans Cafe Du Monde French Quarter Coffee Chicory Beignets

Situated in the French Market District, Café Du Monde was established in 1862 and has become one of, if not the, most iconic eateries in New Orleans. While a well-known tourist destination, it retains its local customers and color. Café Du Monde is world-famous for beignets (a type of French doughnut) and their café au...

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