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Striped Bass with Lobster Sauce

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Striped Bass with Lobster Sauce Beach Plum Cookbook

The Beach Plum Inn has been a fixture on the Vineyard dining scene since opening in the 1950‘s.  In 1977, The Beach Plum Inn Cookbook was published, adapting some of the Inn’s best recipes to the home kitchen.  One of our favorites is the  Striped Bass with Lobster Sauce, as it combines two great local...

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Quahogs aka Hard Shell Clams ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Clams Clamming Quahogs

One of the advantages to living on Martha’s Vineyard is access to some of the world’s best and freshest seafood.  While we have some fantastic fish markets on the Island, it’s just not the same as getting out there and harvesting your own ingredients. Quahogs are a type of hard clam usually found buried in...

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False Albacore ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog False Albacore edible © 2012

If you are into light tackle fishing, Martha’s Vineyard is hard to beat, especially in September and October when the local waters are invaded by large schools of hard charging “Little Tunny”, a fish more often referred to as “False Albacore” or more simply, “Albies.”  As we mentioned in our piece on the Martha’s Vineyard...

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The Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby © 2012

This year marks the 67th annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby, an event that first took place in 1946, as a way to drum up some extra tourism dollars during the shoulder season.  To say that it was a success would be a substantial understatement, as it now boasts close to 3,000 participants...

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Smoked Bonito ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Bonito Fishing ©

The Atlantic Bonito, Sarda sarda, is a member of the Scombridae family, which includes tunas and mackerels.  These fast, streamlined predators are identified by series of longitudinal stripes across the back.  They usually arrive in Vineyard waters sometime in July and can stick around until mid to late October.  Highly prized by local anglers for...

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Periwinkles ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Periwinkles Foraging ©

The Common Periwinkle, Littorina littorea, is a type of sea snail found in the Northern Atlantic Ocean.  While they are native to European coastlines, they are now found in abundance along the Eastern shores of the United States and Canada. It isn’t clear how periwinkles were introduced to the New World, the most common theory...

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Bluefish Tacos

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog The Bluefish Cookbook Greta Jacobs Jane Alexander

Here on the Vineyard, we’ve been experiencing textbook July weather, sunny and hot.  Correspondingly, the water temperature have been steadily rising, sending the Striped Bass searching for cooler waters.  The Bluefish however, remain, roaming the Island’s coast, devouring bait and lures with equal enthusiasm. The only problem is what to do with all of them,...

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Smoked Bluefish Paté ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Bluefish Fishing Edgartown Smoked Pate Paté

The Bluefish, or Pomatomus saltatrix is the only member of the Pomatomidae family, and a popular gamefish in New England.  They generally inhabit the water surrounding Martha’s Vineyard from May through October, retreating southward and offshore as water temperatures drop in the fall.  Equipped with a mouthful of sharp pointed teeth, bluefish are well known...

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Black Sea Bass ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Black Sea Bass Atlantic Fish

Here on the Vineyard, when people mention the word “Bass”, they’re usually referring to the Striped Bass, or “Striper”, a fish known for its size and fighting abilities in addition to being excellent table fare.  For our money however, the most delicious bass in these waters is the Black Sea Bass, or Centropristis striata, actually...

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Squidding on Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Squid Squidding Jigs Fishing Edgartown

On the Vineyard, Long-fin Squid (loligo pealei) usually start showing up sometime in April or early May.  While their arrival this spring might’ve been a tad early, the real surprise has been their numbers, this may go down as the best year for squidding on Martha’s Vineyard in the past 50 years. Because of how...

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Slipper Shells or Sweet Meat

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Lapish Lappish Lapas Portuguese Sweet Meat Sweetmeat Slipper Shells

The common slipper shell, a type of sea snail, is a familiar sight on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard.  Also known as “boat shells” and “quarterdecks”, they live and breed in stacks, attaching themselves to rocks, pilings and other shells.  Slipper shells are sequential hermaphrodites, the biggest specimens at the bottom of the stack are...

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Oyster Soup ~ Vittles for the Captain 1941

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Oyster Soup Recipe

Here at Hungry Native, we’re always on the lookout for interesting old cookbooks, particularly if they’re from this region.  Vittles for the Captain: A Cape Cod Cookbook was published in 1941, by the Modern Pilgrim Press in Provincetown, MA. Compiled by Harriet Adams, with historical and sometimes really funny comments by N.M. Halper, it is...

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Mole Crabs ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Mole Crabs Sea Cicadas

Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods fame has made his name eating food that most westerners would run screaming from.  In one episode, he visits Phuket, Thailand and eats a small crustacean called “Sea Cicada” by the locals.  They are apparently found only on certain Phuket beaches and are considered something of a delicacy when fried. ...

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Bay Scallops ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Bay Scallops Shucking Raw Martha's Vineyard

This past weekend we received a call from KD’s dad.  He had been out scalloping that morning and had done quite well, even offering to give us some, provided that we shuck our own.  Although neither of us had actually shucked a scallop before, we jumped in the car and drove over, because, hey, free...

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