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Beach Plum Cordial ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Beach Plums ©

Prunus Maritima, commonly called the Beach Plum, are native to the East coast of the united states, ranging from roughly Maryland to Maine.  This shrub handles cold temperatures well and is salt-hardy, growing well in full sun and well drained soil. All this makes for a plant that is right at home growing along the...

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Rose Hips ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Rose Hips Rosa Rugosa Harvesting ©HungryNative.com2012

The beach rose, or rosa rugosa, is a frequent sight on the Vineyard.  Originally from Asia, it is called “hamanasu” in Japan, a name that roughly translates to “shore eggplant.” It generally grows close to the ocean, along sand dunes and beaches, lending it the nickname of “saltspray rose.”  Because of its hardiness, the plant...

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Felix Neck Foraging Class

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Felix Neck Foraging Class Mass Auduban

A couple weeks ago, the Hungry Native team attended a Wild Edibles class taught by Suzan Bellincampi, of Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.  The class started at Felix Neck’s Nature Center, where Suzan had prepared handouts detailing our activities for the day, as well as a varied selection of books on the subject of foraging. She...

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Boxberries ~ American Wintergreen

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Boxberry Boxberries Teaberry Teaberries Wintergreen Checkerberry

Known as boxberry, teaberry, and checkerberry (among others) Wintergreen is a low-lying shrub with waxy green leaves and small, bright red berries.  Native American tribes used the leaves to brew a tea to treat colds and flu, and used them in poultices.  The early American Colonists made use of the leaves as substitute for tea,...

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