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Christmas in a Can

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It’s hard not to be curious about something named “Spotted Dick”.  What on earth could the good folks at Heinz be thinking?  In regards to the name, even the mighty internet was of little help. The “spotted” part refers to the fruit (usually currants) that dot the steamed suet pudding (yum!) but where the “dick”...

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Spam Breakfast

Spam Breakfast Eggs Martha's Vineyard

Not being Hawaiian, or from Guam (Guamish?), we here at Hungry Native realized that we were ignorant in the ways of Spam (Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!). We decided to change that, and why not start with breakfast? EA had a hell of a time just getting the potted meat product out of its container. Once...

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Head Cheese

KD recently saw some Headcheese at the market and couldn’t resist.  Yes, it’s really made from head, but surprisingly it contains no cheese.  Usually, it’s made from parts of a pig or calf’s head and set in aspic.  The brain, eyes and ears are often left out (too bad) while conversely, tongue and sometimes feet...

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