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Beach Plum

UPDATE! The wonderful chef Josh Aronie has taken over as head chef at The Beach Plum Restaurant. He makes wonderful food and we encourage you to check out his work! Chris Fischer has moved onto a new cookbook, The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook: A Year of Cooking on Martha’s Vineyard and working with Timberland on a...

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Striped Bass with Lobster Sauce

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Striped Bass with Lobster Sauce Beach Plum Cookbook

The Beach Plum Inn has been a fixture on the Vineyard dining scene since opening in the 1950‘s.  In 1977, The Beach Plum Inn Cookbook was published, adapting some of the Inn’s best recipes to the home kitchen.  One of our favorites is the  Striped Bass with Lobster Sauce, as it combines two great local...

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Savenor’s ~ Cambridge

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Cambridge Boston Savenor's Wild Exotic Meat ©

Located at 92 Kirkland Street in Cambridge Massachusetts, Savenor’s market has been supplying customers with fresh cuts of meat, exotic game and gourmet items since 1939.  Although they also offer cheeses, pasta and various groceries, Savenor’s is at heart, a neighborhood butcher shop. The Cambridge store is perhaps best known for suppling Julia Child with...

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Big Chili Contest aka Chilifest ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Chilifest Big Chili Contest Party Festival Oak Bluffs Black Dog © 2013

This Saturday, January 26th, WMVY is hosting their annual Big Chili Contest, held at the Portuguese-American Club in Oak Bluffs. The contest was first held 27 years ago, as way to break up the deep-winter doldrums, and has grown into one of the Vineyard’s most popular events. Over thirty contestants are expected, bringing their best...

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Craigie On Main ~ Cambridge

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Boston Massachusetts Craigie on Main ©

On a recent pilgrimage to the mainland, team Hungry Native’s first stop was at the Cambridge fixture Cragie on Main, for Sunday brunch. Chef Tony Maws and his team have been racking up an impressive amount of hype and awards over the past few years, including a reputation for serving one of the best burgers to...

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Homemade Duck Jerky

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Duck Jerky Raw ©

One of the gifts we received this Christmas was a food dehydrator from KD’s dad.  We’d been wanting one for a while, and decided to put it to use right away.  While there are many things that one can do with a dehydrator, this time we went with the obvious, and made some jerky. We...

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Homemade Apple Cider

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Brewing Apple Cider ©

While Team Hungry Native has dabbled with brewing beer before, we’ve never attempted to make our own hard cider.  After doing a bit of research, and finding out how simple the process was, we kept telling each other that we had to give it a shot one of these days.  This idea sat on the back burner...

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Quahogs aka Hard Shell Clams ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Clams Clamming Quahogs

One of the advantages to living on Martha’s Vineyard is access to some of the world’s best and freshest seafood.  While we have some fantastic fish markets on the Island, it’s just not the same as getting out there and harvesting your own ingredients. Quahogs are a type of hard clam usually found buried in...

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Lucky Hank’s Restaurant & Cafe

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Lucky Hank's Restaurant & Cafe ©

Having just opened their doors late this October, Lucky Hank’s is the most recent addition to Edgartown’s restaurant scene.  Located in a freshly renovated former home at 218 Upper Main Street, they are now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Sunday.  The dining space is bright and inviting, featuring light colored wood and a...

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Autumn Olives ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Russian Autumn Olives Invasive Chutney ©

Often considered an invasive species in the States, Elaeagnus umbellata, or Autumn Olive, is native to eastern Asia.  Also known as Japanese Silverberry, they have specialized “nitrogen-fixing” root nodules that allow the plant to thrive in poor soil.  They are sometimes used as a “nurse” tree, to help prepare soil for more desirable species, like...

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Beach Plum Cordial ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Beach Plums ©

Prunus Maritima, commonly called the Beach Plum, are native to the East coast of the united states, ranging from roughly Maryland to Maine.  This shrub handles cold temperatures well and is salt-hardy, growing well in full sun and well drained soil. All this makes for a plant that is right at home growing along the...

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Martha’s Vineyard Local Wild Food Challenge

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Rod & Gun Club Wild Food Challenge ©

On Monday, October 3rd, the Hungry Native team attended the 3rd annual Martha’s Vineyard Local Wild Food Challenge.  The Event took place at the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club in Edgartown, a perfect venue for this type of event as it looks out over Sengekontacket Pond, where one could easily find many of the...

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False Albacore ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog False Albacore edible © 2012

If you are into light tackle fishing, Martha’s Vineyard is hard to beat, especially in September and October when the local waters are invaded by large schools of hard charging “Little Tunny”, a fish more often referred to as “False Albacore” or more simply, “Albies.”  As we mentioned in our piece on the Martha’s Vineyard...

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Alchemy ~ Edgartown

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Alchemy Edgartown ©HungryNative.com2012

Located at 71 Main Street, in the center of downtown Edgartown, Alchemy features two separate dining rooms (upstairs and downstairs), outdoor seating, and the more casual “back bar” located upstairs.  Popular with famous visitors and locals alike, Alchemy is open for dinner, serving French influenced New American cuisine. The Pan Roasted Veal Sweetbreads are served...

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The Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby © 2012

This year marks the 67th annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby, an event that first took place in 1946, as a way to drum up some extra tourism dollars during the shoulder season.  To say that it was a success would be a substantial understatement, as it now boasts close to 3,000 participants...

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Red Cat Kitchen at Ken ‘n’ Beck ~ Oak Bluffs

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Ken n' Beck Red Cat Kitchen Oak Bluffs © Rez Williams Painting

This season, Oak Bluffs restaurant Ken n’ Beck has brought in well-known Island chef, Ben Deforest.  Ben has revived the popular “Red Cat” name, retitling the restaurant “The Red Cat Kitchen at Ken n’ Beck.”  Located at the bottom of Kennebec Ave in Oak Bluffs, the small building has a cozy, quirky feel, featuring paintings...

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Zucchini Bread

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Zucchini Bread ©

When grown in temperate climates like ours, zucchini can be incredibly prolific, leaving the home gardener wondering what they are going to do with all of them.  We’ve all heard the stories of people locking their car doors just to stop their “generous” neighbors from depositing unwanted (unloved?) zucchini on the back seat.  The internet...

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Martha’s Vineyard Magazine Article

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Magazine Article September October Issue 2012 ©

Check out the September/October Issue of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine featuring a 12 page article by the Hungry Native team! For more photos from this post and others, head over to our Facebook page WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/HUNGRYNATIVE and “like” us! Check out the other articles we have gotten published! Unless stated otherwise, all content on, including text, photos...

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Smoked Bonito ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Bonito Fishing ©

The Atlantic Bonito, Sarda sarda, is a member of the Scombridae family, which includes tunas and mackerels.  These fast, streamlined predators are identified by series of longitudinal stripes across the back.  They usually arrive in Vineyard waters sometime in July and can stick around until mid to late October.  Highly prized by local anglers for...

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Periwinkles ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Periwinkles Foraging ©

The Common Periwinkle, Littorina littorea, is a type of sea snail found in the Northern Atlantic Ocean.  While they are native to European coastlines, they are now found in abundance along the Eastern shores of the United States and Canada. It isn’t clear how periwinkles were introduced to the New World, the most common theory...

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Rose Hips ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Rose Hips Rosa Rugosa Harvesting ©HungryNative.com2012

The beach rose, or rosa rugosa, is a frequent sight on the Vineyard.  Originally from Asia, it is called “hamanasu” in Japan, a name that roughly translates to “shore eggplant.” It generally grows close to the ocean, along sand dunes and beaches, lending it the nickname of “saltspray rose.”  Because of its hardiness, the plant...

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Black Sheep ~ Edgartown

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Trio Black Sheep Edgartown

Black Sheep is a market specializing in high end cheeses and charcuterie.  Located at 18 North Summer Street, it is just a few steps away from Edgartown’s Main Street. Along with all the gourmet fromage and sausages, they also carries a wide range of specialty products, including house-made spreads, various types of breads and crackers...

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Portuguese Kale Soup

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Portuguese Kale Soup

The Portuguese Feast (Feast of the Holy Ghost) got us thinking about “Sopa”, specifically Portuguese Kale Soup with linguica.  Kale seems to be a hot ingredient these days, with everyone sharing recipes for kale chips and touting the leafy green as a superfood.  In South Eastern New England kale didn’t need to be rediscovered, as it...

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Martha’s Vineyard Portuguese Feast

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Portuguese American Club Feast PA P.A.

Every third weekend of July, the Vineyard’s Portuguese-American Club holds it’s annual Feast of the Holy Ghost on Vineyard Avenue in Oak Bluffs.  Officially named The Holy Ghost Association, but more commonly called the P.A., the association was formed in 1930, and every year since 1942, they have held a feast to honor Catholic saint...

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Bluefish Tacos

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog The Bluefish Cookbook Greta Jacobs Jane Alexander

Here on the Vineyard, we’ve been experiencing textbook July weather, sunny and hot.  Correspondingly, the water temperature have been steadily rising, sending the Striped Bass searching for cooler waters.  The Bluefish however, remain, roaming the Island’s coast, devouring bait and lures with equal enthusiasm. The only problem is what to do with all of them,...

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Tisbury Street Fair

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Tisbury Street Fair

First started in 1971, to celebrate the town’s 300th anniversary, the Tisbury Street Fair takes place every July 8th, drawing a crowd of thousands to down town Tisbury.  For one night a year, Main Street is blocked off to vehicle traffic, letting fair goers stroll through town and enjoy the many booths set up by...

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The Art Cliff Diner ~ Vineyard Haven

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog The Art Cliff Diner Vineyard Haven Tisbury

First opened in 1943, the Artcliff Diner in Vineyard Haven has long been considered one the best spots on Martha’s Vineyard for breakfast.  The diner is quite cozy inside, with a dozen tables and a traditional counter along the back wall, complete with a handful of swivel stools. As popular as the Artcliff is, during...

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Back Door Donuts ~ Oak Bluffs

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Back Door Donuts

The Martha’s Vineyard Gourmet Cafe & Bakery, located next to the Oak Bluffs post office, is a great place to grab your morning coffee, a few baked goods, or even a custom wedding cake.  That said, it’s what goes on after closing that this bakery is best known for. Like most bakeries, MV Gourmet’s bakers...

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Smoked Bluefish Paté ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Bluefish Fishing Edgartown Smoked Pate Paté

The Bluefish, or Pomatomus saltatrix is the only member of the Pomatomidae family, and a popular gamefish in New England.  They generally inhabit the water surrounding Martha’s Vineyard from May through October, retreating southward and offshore as water temperatures drop in the fall.  Equipped with a mouthful of sharp pointed teeth, bluefish are well known...

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Black Sea Bass ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Black Sea Bass Atlantic Fish

Here on the Vineyard, when people mention the word “Bass”, they’re usually referring to the Striped Bass, or “Striper”, a fish known for its size and fighting abilities in addition to being excellent table fare.  For our money however, the most delicious bass in these waters is the Black Sea Bass, or Centropristis striata, actually...

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Squidding on Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Squid Squidding Jigs Fishing Edgartown

On the Vineyard, Long-fin Squid (loligo pealei) usually start showing up sometime in April or early May.  While their arrival this spring might’ve been a tad early, the real surprise has been their numbers, this may go down as the best year for squidding on Martha’s Vineyard in the past 50 years. Because of how...

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Atria ~ Edgartown

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Atria Island Dining Brick Cellar Burger Brews Bar

Located at 137 Main Street, Atria is housed in a large classic New England building thats sits just outside of downtown Edgartown “proper.”  Atria features both a fine dining restaurant, as well as a more casual Brick Cellar bar located downstairs. Besides the large central dining room, the restaurant boasts several rooms available for private...

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Felix Neck Foraging Class

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Felix Neck Foraging Class Mass Auduban

A couple weeks ago, the Hungry Native team attended a Wild Edibles class taught by Suzan Bellincampi, of Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.  The class started at Felix Neck’s Nature Center, where Suzan had prepared handouts detailing our activities for the day, as well as a varied selection of books on the subject of foraging. She...

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Giordano’s Take-Out

Giordano's Take-Out Pizza Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard Hungry Native

One our favorite signs of spring is when Giordano’s Take Out opens for the season.  Started in 1930, the original location was in the Pawnee House, where Park Corner Bistro is now located, across from the Oak Bluffs Post Office.  The restaurant moved to its current location at 18 Lake Avenue, across from the iconic...

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Coppa ~ An Enoteca

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Boston Coppa

Translated from Italian, the word “enoteca” means “wine repository”, a term originally used to describe local and regional wine shops in Italy. These enoteca function as “Wine Libraries” of sorts, allowing customers to try multiple wines without having to buy full bottles. Some enoteca also serve snack plates and local food to pair with the...

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Harvest ~ Cambridge

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Harvest Restaurant Boston Cambridge Harvard Square

This Easter Sunday, we visited Harvest restaurant, located in Cambridge’s Harvard Square.  Executive Chef Mary Dumont, along with being the first New Hampshire born chef to be honored by Food & Wine, has competed in Iron Chef America and was a contestant on the third season of Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef.  With a...

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Wampanoag Cooking Class

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Venison Stew Journey Cake ACE MV Wampanoag Cooking

ACE MV (Adult and Community Education of Martha’s Vineyard) got its start in July of 2008, offering its first classes in October 2008.  The wide variety of classes is a testament to the diversity found on MV, with offerings that run the gamut from basic accounting, to understanding the I Ching, and everything in-between.  Some...

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LeRoux Cooking Demos

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog LeRoux at Home Vineyard Haven Tisbury Kitchen Demo

Throughout the off-season, LeRoux at Home hosts a popular series of cooking demonstrations at their Martha’s Vineyard location on Main Street in Vineyard Haven.  Usually held on Wednesdays (and the occasional Saturday) from 11am to about 1pm, these demos are free to the public and feature local chefs sharing their skills. . Pissamai Loathong ~...

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Boxberries ~ American Wintergreen

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Boxberry Boxberries Teaberry Teaberries Wintergreen Checkerberry

Known as boxberry, teaberry, and checkerberry (among others) Wintergreen is a low-lying shrub with waxy green leaves and small, bright red berries.  Native American tribes used the leaves to brew a tea to treat colds and flu, and used them in poultices.  The early American Colonists made use of the leaves as substitute for tea,...

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Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Sauerkraut

During World War I, British soldiers began to use the word “Kraut” as a derogatory term for Germans, presumably in referencing their love of sauerkraut.  In fact, during the war, many American sauerkraut producers decided to re-named their product “Liberty Cabbage”, long before anyone had ever heard of “Freedom Fries”.  EA’s grandfather was born in...

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The Ward 8

Hungry Native HungryNative Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Ward 8 Boston Rose's Grenadine

KD’s grandmother, RB, doesn’t usually order a cocktail when out for dinner, but when she does, she orders a Ward 8. While there are a few competing theories floating around on the internet, it’s generally accepted that The Ward 8 was invented at Boston institution Locke-Ober, in 1898. The lore is that it was created...

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Slipper Shells or Sweet Meat

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Lapish Lappish Lapas Portuguese Sweet Meat Sweetmeat Slipper Shells

The common slipper shell, a type of sea snail, is a familiar sight on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard.  Also known as “boat shells” and “quarterdecks”, they live and breed in stacks, attaching themselves to rocks, pilings and other shells.  Slipper shells are sequential hermaphrodites, the biggest specimens at the bottom of the stack are...

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Pho Bo ~ Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

Hungry Native Food Blog Martha's Vineyard The Egg Roll Lady Chef Thi Khen Tran

Pho, a kind of noodle soup, has seemingly become the the poster dish for Vietnamese cuisine in America.  Websites are full of posts about where one can find “the best” Pho in any particular town, with people passionately defending their favorites. It’s hard to say why this one dish resonates so well with american taste...

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Roast Goose… from Scratch

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Canadian Geese Goose Plucking Dressing

Warning! Graphic Content. In this post we pluck, dress and cook a goose so there is a lot of blood and guts. You have been warned. This past week, we received an unexpected phone call here at Hungry Native HQ.  Our friend (and sometime guest correspondent) DW had an interesting question for us.  Nelson Sigelman,...

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Myers + Chang

Myers + Chang South Boston Washington Street Hungry Native Food Blog

Located at 1145 Washington Street in Boston’s South End, Myers + Chang offers fare inspired by Taiwanese soul food and Southeast Asian street food.  The restaurant’s interior is decorated in a hip diner style, with silver-topped tables and a long long chrome-trimmed counter, complete with pink plastic chairs.  On the weekends, M+C serve a Dim...

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Top 25 Bites of 2011

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Fried Chicken & Waffle Biscuits Oak Bluffs

In no particular order, here are our 25 favorite bites of 2011. Some were time-honored classics, some were fresh new creations and a few were just plain weird. Either way, these are the bites that inspired us to write about, photograph and eat food in the past year. Fried Chicken & Waffle at Biscuits Restaurant...

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Buck Eyes

Hungry Native Food Blog Martha's Vineyard Buck Eyes Buckeyes Candy

One of KD’s Christmas traditions is making candies with her grandmother, ED and sister, AG.  ED, who will be 92 years old this January, loves to cook.  For the holidays, she usually makes a few types of fudge, including chocolate, peanut butter and penuchi, as well as these “Buck Eyes”, also referred to as “Buffalo...

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Oyster Soup ~ Vittles for the Captain 1941

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Oyster Soup Recipe

Here at Hungry Native, we’re always on the lookout for interesting old cookbooks, particularly if they’re from this region.  Vittles for the Captain: A Cape Cod Cookbook was published in 1941, by the Modern Pilgrim Press in Provincetown, MA. Compiled by Harriet Adams, with historical and sometimes really funny comments by N.M. Halper, it is...

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Mole Crabs ~ Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Mole Crabs Sea Cicadas

Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods fame has made his name eating food that most westerners would run screaming from.  In one episode, he visits Phuket, Thailand and eats a small crustacean called “Sea Cicada” by the locals.  They are apparently found only on certain Phuket beaches and are considered something of a delicacy when fried. ...

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Wingfest Martha’s Vineyard

Hungry Native Food Blog Martha's Vineyard Sharky's Wingfest

On November 12, the Hungry Native team visited Sharky’s Cantina in Edgartown to partake in the third annual Wingfest Martha’s Vineyard.  The competition benefits the Martha’s Vineyard Boys and Girls Club and raised over $8,000 this year.  While the wings (both boneless and traditional) are provided by Sharky’s, presumably to level the playing field, the...

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