The Little House Café, Vineyard Haven

Located at 339 State Road, the newly opened Little House Café is a small eatery operating out of the building that formerly housed Tisbury Antiques.  They are open Monday through Sunday, serving breakfast and lunch. For such a “little house” it is a beautiful open space with about ten tables, hard wood floors and lots of warm sunlight. Be sure to get there early as it fills up quickly with the busy lunch crowd.

Little House’s lamb burger (shown above with and without the bun) is mixed with herbs and chopped onions, served with tomato, grilled eggplant and a tzatziki sauce.  The bun was crusty on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and the meat was succulent and juicy, without being too greasy or fatty.  The tzatziki sauce has a cool, bright sweetness from the mint that helps to balance the slightly bitter arugula, and cuts through the richness of the lamb.

The Chicken Shawarma is served on a fresh Pita, with grilled chicken, aioli, and a “chopped salad”.  We found the pita to be very tasty, soft and tender, with just the right amount of chew to it.  The Grilled chicken was well seasoned, with a healthy char, but not dried out.  The chopped salad, made up of cucumber, red onions and small chunks of tomatoes, was fresh and crunchy, and paired very well with the cooling aioli, which tasted of yogurt and lemon.  This sandwich smelled very Mediterranean, but had flavors nearly anyone would enjoy.

The Nicoise Salad was served on a pile of baby greens that were very fresh.  The salad was made up of tuna, red peppers; boiled baby potatoes, black olives, “farm fresh hard boiled eggs” and haricot vert, topped with an herb vinaigrette.  The Tuna was canned or jarred, but of good quality, and went well with the bright, briny taste of the black olives.  The hard-boiled egg halves were beautifully cooked; the yolks still had some moisture, without any sulfur flavor.  The eggs were dusted with pepper, but could’ve used a touch of salt.  The haricot verts (or green beans, if you’re not feeling particularly snooty today) were amazingly fresh, having a subtle sweetness and a crisp snap to them; they tasted straight out of the garden.

The baby potatoes were well-cooked and looked pretty on the plate, but EA felt that cutting them into slightly smaller pieces would’ve helped integrate them into the dish a bit more. The herb vinaigrette (we’re thinking olive oil, lemon, oregano and possibly thyme) complimented the salad’s ingredients extremely well without over-powering any one item.  With both egg and tuna, this is a salad that will actually leave you feeling satisfied, without being overly heavy.

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