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Sandwiched between a bike rental shop and the Black Dog Home Goods store in downtown Edgartown, the Dock Street Coffee Shop has long been an Island institution.  This tiny diner only seats eighteen people at the counter, so there can be a line.  That said, things move pretty fast at Dock Street and once one of the classic diner counter stools opens up, you’ll forget all about the wait.  With hand-written specials and a seemingly random collection of photos and postcards on the walls, Dock Street’s charm comes from its complete lack of pretension, a rare thing in Edgartown.

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The service is quick, as you are never more than a couple feet away from a server, and it’s great to watch four or five people work so well together in such a small space.  The grill is manned by the father and son team of Don and Darren Patrick, two of the quickest, most efficient short order cooks around.  Half of the fun of Dock Street is watching them in action; from the way they fry up bacon, to throwing away eggshells without even glancing at the trash can, there isn’t a single wasted motion.  They can produce a surprisingly large amount of food in a very short time from the small flat top grill.

Hungry Native Dock Street Coffee Shop Diner Port Mac Edgartown Martha's Vineyard

EA has been ordering the “Port Mac”, an egg sandwich with cheese and Linguica on an English muffin, for at least 20 years, and never tires of it.  The English muffin is toasted and buttered and the cheese is wonderfully melted and gooey.  With a slightly runny yolk and the spicy Portuguese sausage, it’s the ultimate hangover cure.  Dock Street’s breakfast sandwiches are a very popular take-out item and it is not uncommon to see people licking the waxed paper that the sandwich was wrapped in, in an effort to get every last bit of cheese.

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Another local favorite is the standard 2 eggs, toast and home fries, with Linguica instead of bacon or sausage.  The eggs were a perfect over-easy, and the hand-cut home fries have a great combination of crispy bits and still-soft potato goodness.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better simple, honest diner breakfast anywhere.

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The Monte Cristo special has two slices of French toast, tomato and ham, topped with a couple slices of melted American cheese.  The dish was a bit strange looking, served open-faced with tomatoes of questionable upbringing and covered with processed cheese.  It tastes way better than it looks.  The ham had just enough saltiness and although the tomato slices weren’t the prettiest in the world, they still had a pleasant acidity that lightened things up.

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All too often, steak and eggs can be a disappointment, with over-cooked and tough steak.  Not at Dock Street, where, despite its thinness, the steak was still pink inside and pretty tender for a steak cooked on a flattop.  With eggs cooked to order, toast and their signature home fries, it made for a really satisfying breakfast.

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A new treat that we just discovered at Dock Street is the grilled doughnuts.  While the doughnuts come straight out of the box, when they slice them in half and throw them on the grill, something magical happens.  The crust accentuates their sweetness and adds some textual variety to the humble box doughnut.  It sounds almost too simple, but it just works.

Hungry Native Dock Street Coffee Shop Diner Edgartown Martha's Vineyard Interior

Dock Street opens at 6:30 am and serves breakfast and lunch until 1:30 pm, they also have been known to open late night on weekend nights, so the bar crowd can grab some diner food after a night of drinking. Dock Street offers reasonably priced, straightforward food, as well as some local color, in the heart of Edgartown.

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