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Biscuits Southern Food Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

Biscuits is a seasonal restaurant situated across from the Oak Bluffs harbor on Lake Avenue.  While open for lunch, their real specialty is southern diner style breakfast.  Seating in the small restaurant is limited, and they are often busy on the weekends, so get there early or expect to wait in line for breakfast.  The dining room has a vaguely Caribbean feel to it, with bright colors, a large portrait of Bob Marley and Reggae music emanating from the speakers.

Biscuits Southern Food Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard Strawberries Whip cream waffles

The Strawberries & Cream Waffle has a crunchy exterior, like a freshly fried plain doughnut, and a soft interior, almost reminiscent of vanilla cake. Topped with whipped cream, sliced fresh strawberries and dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon, it required neither butter nor maple syrup.

Biscuits Southern Food Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard eggs codcake fishcake

The New Englander comes with a cod cake, two eggs cooked to order, home fries and choice of toast or a biscuit.  The “home fries” turned out to be whole red bliss potatoes, which appeared to be dunked in the deep fryer.  They were better than expected, crisply fried on the outside, moist on the inside, with a surprising hint of sweetness.  Mixed with potato and onion chunks, the cod cake had a nice texture and paired well with the runny eggs.

Biscuits Fried Chicken Sausage Gravy Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

Dishes like the Chicken & Biscuits set this restaurant apart from other breakfast spots on Martha’s Vineyard.  Consisting of fried chicken tenderloins and two crumbly biscuits covered in sausage gravy, it’s a very satisfying breakfast.  The fried chicken has an amazing crust, golden brown and super crispy but not greasy at all.  The biscuits are perfect for soaking up the sausage gravy, which has a rich peppery flavor and large chunks of sausage.  They also offer a Biscuits and Gravy breakfast, without the fried chicken.

Biscuits Linguica hash Eggs Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

The Linguica Hash and Eggs is a great example of Southern style cooking using ingredients that are more traditionally associated with New England.  The hash has hand cut chunks of onion and potato, mixed with linguica and spices, giving it a touch of heat.  It has a nicely griddled crust, and the slightly smoky, spicy flavors compliment the eggs perfectly.

Biscuits Southern Food Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

Biscuits also serves take-out food and breakfast sandwiches.  The Big Dog has two eggs, American cheese and a choice of bacon, ham or sausage, served on two slices of double thick bread or “Texas Toast.”

Biscuits Southern Food Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard Chicken Waffles

If you have difficulty deciding between savory and sweet, you can satisfy both cravings with the Fried Chicken & Waffle.  The combination of the sweet waffle and the expertly fried chicken works surprisingly well, and it’s one of those signature dishes that you just have to try.

Biscuits Southern Food Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

With good size portions, reasonable prices (for The Vineyard at least), and some unique offerings, Biscuits is a great option for breakfast in Oak Bluffs.  They do offer standard diner fair like pancakes, omelets and French toast, but you really owe it to yourself to try one of their more southern specialties.

Biscuits Southern Food Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

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