The Newes Pub, Edgartown

We’re happy to see that The Newes from America has brought back it’s “Wee Bites” menu.  It’s always nice to be able to order 4 or 5 items without looking like total gluttons (which we are).

The Newes from America Pub Edgartown Martha's Vineyard

The McDermont Slider is just what it sounds like, a mini McDonald’s cheeseburger clone.  Well, not exactly like McDonald’s, this burger tastes good and is made out of actual beef.  The slider has onions, pickles, cheese, mustard and ketchup.  Surprisingly, it even had a touch of pink inside, which can be hard to find in a slider.

The Newes from America Pub Kelley House Edgartown

The Stiletto Slider is a riff on the Newes’ popular Roquefort Stiletto appetizer.  This slider was topped with bacon, Roquefort cheese, lettuce, tomato and HP sauce (HP sauce is like ketchup’s slightly stodgy, browner, British cousin).  It was good, but the Hungry Natives still prefer the original.

The Newes from America Pub Kelley House Edgartown

The Banger in a Blanket is an English-style sausage wrapped in a piece of puff pastry. A good little sausage in a flaky crust.  It wasn’t listed on the Wee Bites menu, but ours came with an awesome onion gravy.  Meaty, like a thicker Jus with a rich onion flavor, this house-made sauce was KD’s favorite.

The Newes from America Pub Kelley House Edgartown

The Fried Four Cheese Mac is gooey homestyle mac ‘n cheese like (insert favorite relative here) used to make, if favorite relative then cut it into squares and deep-fried the things.  It has a thick, crunchy exterior that compliments the warm, cheesy, pillowy inside, and comes with a roasted garlic marinara dipping sauce.  At 2 – 4 bucks a pop, the Wee Bites were a fun and cheap meal that went well with beers.  ~ Edit: We just discovered that the “Wee Bites” menu is only offered during the off-season, so get them while you can.

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