Calypso Caribbean Style Grill, Rincon

Perched above Maria’s Beach in Rincon, the deck at the Calypso Café is the perfect spot to watch surfers ply the breaking waves that Puerto Rico is known for.  Popular with surfers, spectators and ex-pat Americans alike, Calypso is also a great spot to grab a drink and watch the sunset.  If you visit during Winter, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to spot some whales while you dine. The décor is typical kitschy beach shack, with lots or turquoise paint and surfing paraphernalia on the walls, but the beer is cold and the rum punch quite strong.

Calypso’s fish burritos contained lettuce, tomato and grilled Dorado in a flour tortilla.  Served with crispy French fries, the burrito was good, but it could’ve used a bit more fish to make it truly great.

The chicken Gyro was wrapped in flatbread with chopped lettuce, tomato and a tzatziki-like sauce.  The bread was puffy, with a nice chew to it and the grilled chicken was well seasoned.  To call it a “Gyro” might be a bit of a stretch, but it was perfectly good beach grub at a reasonable price.

Served in a paper “bowl” sitting in a yellow plastic basket, the Dorado ceviche was the definitely standout of our meal.  Marinated in citrus juices and mixed with onions, spicy peppers and cilantro, the firm chunks of fresh fish were both flavorful and refreshing.  The sharpness of the onions combined with the bite of the chili peppers and the acidic citrus juice to make a very punchy and vibrant dish that rivaled some of the best ceviche we’ve had.

In addition to the menu of Caribbean beach cuisine classics, Calypso also serves burgers, hot dogs and wings, in case you need a break from Caribbean cuisine (personally, we never found that necessary).

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