The English Rose, Rincon

English Rose Rincon Puerto Rico Breakfast

The English Rose is a bed and breakfast in the Ensenada section of Rincon, Puerto Rico.  Rincon is located in the northwestern part of the Island, and is considered one of the premier surfing destinations in the world. Their website says that they are “nestled in the hills of Ensenada with breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea.” this is, to be generous, a half-truth.

English Rose Rincon Puerto Rico Breakfast

Its not that the view isn’t “breathtaking”, it most certainly is, it’s just that calling the mini-mountain that is home to the English Rose a “hill”, is doing it a tremendous disservice.  Our adventure started with a tiny sign at the bottom of what appeared to be Rincon’s steepest driveway.  “No Problem”, we thought, “We’ve driven on crazier roads”.  What looked like a relatively short uphill driveway turned into an impossibly narrow (roughly wide enough for one Kia Forte) mountain pass, full of insane corners, rental-car challenging grades and blind crests that put the streets of San Francisco to shame.  One “yelper” described the road as being near 90 degrees.  This person obviously has a feeble grasp of both physics and geometry, but it’s hard to blame them, the route to La Rosa Inglesa is in fact, quite scary and possibly mind-altering. Once we reached the summit, we found a small light blue building, a near full parking lot and a commanding view of the area.

English Rose Rincon Puerto Rico Breakfast Hot Sauce

Hearing that the restaurant was usually packed, especially on weekends, we grabbed the first table we could (unfortunately not on the porch) while we waited for our friends, VP and KC, to join us.  The restaurant is small, having maybe ten patio-style tables, both inside and out.  While very simply decorated, the room is painted with bright colors and feels open and airy.

English Rose Rincon Puerto Rico Breakfast Burger

English Rose Rincon Puerto Rico Breakfast Spinach Eggs Ruby Murry

KC ordered the “Eggs Ruby Murry”, a croissant with poached eggs, sautéed baby spinach and curry hollandaise. EA ordered the “Encore Eggs Benedict”, poached eggs on an English muffin, Canadian bacon, topped with hollandaise and a side of hash browns.  Both dishes were a good take on Eggs Benedict, but not that memorable, being completely overshadowed by the awesomeness of one of the house specialties, the HRH (Her Royal Highness?) Burger.

English Rose Rincon Puerto Rico Breakfast Eggs Benedict

KD and VP both ordered this “burger”, made from a homemade sausage patty covered in melted provolone, to which they add an over-easy egg, slices of chorizo, sun “kissed” baby tomatoes (whatever that means), chipotle mayo and lettuce, all piled on the obligatory sesame seed bun. The HRH is like having a bacon cheeseburger for breakfast, but one that has been tweaked enough that you don’t feel weird/guilty about eating it.  The sausage patty was thick and juicy; the thinly-sliced chorizo made for a spicy alternative to bacon, the cheese was gooey, and it had a freakin’ runny egg on top!  Apparently, this monster came with potato stix, but frankly, when something is this good; no one remembers what the side was.  This may be the best “Breakfast Sandwich” in the world, depending on how you classify such things.

English Rose Rincon Puerto Rico Breakfast

Between the view, the food, and the extensive hot sauce collection (most of which are local and also for sale), a visit to the English Rose is well worth risking ones’ life to get there.

English Rose Rincon Puerto Rico Breakfast

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