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Located at 71 Main Street, in the center of downtown Edgartown, Alchemy features two separate dining rooms (upstairs and downstairs), outdoor seating, and the more casual “back bar” located upstairs.  Popular with famous visitors and locals alike, Alchemy is open for dinner, serving French influenced New American cuisine.

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Alchemy Edgartown ©HungryNative.com2012 Sweetbreads

The Pan Roasted Veal Sweetbreads are served with wilted spinach, caramelized shallots, parsnips, a pomegranate glaze and a swirl of basil oil.  Exceedingly creamy and tender, the sweetbreads have a custard-like texture and a delicate veal flavor without a trace of gaminess.  The pomegranate glaze has a touch of soy sauce, and provides a balanced sweet and salty flavor with an earthy note.  With a slightly sharp taste, the spinach and parsnips help cut through the sweet sauce and contrast the velvety sweetbreads.  Finished with a sprinkle of parsley and a handful of micro-greens, this appetizer just the thing to start your meal with on a cool night.

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Alchemy Edgartown ©HungryNative.com2012 Shrimp Pan Roast

One of the most popular appetizers at Alchemy is the Shrimp Pan Roast.  Served crusty bread with a spicy pilsner sauce, and sautéed onions, it has enough heat to really bring out the flavor of the shrimp, but not so much that it is overpowering.  The plump, tender shrimp contrast nicely with the crunchy bread, and a bit of fresh parsley adds a fresh garden flavor.

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Alchemy Edgartown ©HungryNative.com2012 Butternut Squash Ravioli Mushroom Sage

Served with roasted Oregon Chanterelle mushrooms, crispy fried sage, brown butter and a marsala reduction, the Butternut Squash Ravioli are made with a healthy dose of nutmeg and cinnamon.  With a combination of creamy and sweet sauces, the ravioli are full of autumn flavors, the filling is reminiscent of pumpkin pie filling, without the sweetness.  The addition of basil oil brings a bit of vegetal kick, and the crispy sage provides a welcome bit of crunch.

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Alchemy Edgartown ©HungryNative.com2012 Risotto Balls

Alchemy’s Wild Mushroom Risotto Balls might just be the perfect bar snack.  With a crispy, salty fried exterior and warm moist, truffle scented filling, they are satisfying without being heavy.  Topped with tangy slices of shaved parmesan and a sprinkle of chopped parsley, they’re hard to stop eating.

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Alchemy Edgartown ©HungryNative.com2012 Upstairs bar

The upstairs or “back” bar has an intimate lounge feel, with soft lighting and comfy booths and chairs.

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Alchemy Edgartown ©HungryNative.com2012 Duck

You can always count on Alchemy to produce excellent game dishes, especially duck and lamb.  This dish of Seared Moulard Duck Breast is no exception.  Resting on top of a bed of broccoli rabe risotto, it comes with caramelized onions and a black current gastrique.  The duck arrives just as it should, medium-rare, with the fat rendered away, and crispy skin.  The rich flavor of the meat is enhanced by the fruitiness of the dark berry sauce.  The creamy risotto has just enough “tooth” to it and was dotted with currants, echoing the gastrique.

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Alchemy Edgartown ©HungryNative.com2012 Steak

One of our favorite specials at Alchemy was this Marrow and Roquefort Crusted New York Strip with glazed carrots, purple cauliflower & cheddar gratin and sauce Bourdelaise.  The big steak was pink and rare (as ordered) and the juices ran freely when we cut into it.  The crust was really interesting (in the good way), the marrow added a roasted, fatty taste, while the blue cheese brought a sharp and pungent flavor.  With the just toasted breadcrumbs, the crust was delicious, with enough bold flavor to stand up to a big meaty steak, truly a case of strength complimenting strength.  Besides looking really cool, the purple cauliflower gratin brought another layer of cheese flavor that combined really well with the sweet and mild vegetable.  Made with red wine and bone marrow, the opulent Bordelaise sauce tied everything together with a bit of bright wine flavor, and a second shot of succulent marrow.

Hungry Native Martha's Vineyard Food Blog Alchemy Edgartown ©HungryNative.com2012

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